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2008:We begin our history:Mantou machine,Bread machine;

2009: Mooncake Machine;

2010:MaHua Machine;

2012:cake machine;

2013:Swiss Roll machine, Lacha Paratha machine;

2015: Fried Twist Stick machine;

2016:LaoTongGuan Meat Bun Machine;

2018:Kebab machine,tortilla machine;

2019:Lavash machine;

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  • Brand positioning

The global advanced producer of the commercial food processing machine.

  • Brand vision

Let our customers make money happily.

  • Brand interpretation

Globally creditable: AnHui JinKe company is committed to continuously meet the diversified demand of the customers in all-round respects concerning the product, technology, services and solutions, standing in the perspective of the customer’s point, to continuously produce more globally competitive products, enhance the market competitiveness of the customer; to help the users at home and abroad to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, to win the trust of the world.

Uniquevalue creativity: take the advantage of our experience, speed, innovation, quality and competitive manufacturing mode to produce more high quality products with global competitiveness.

World-class enterprise: Build JinKe company to be a world-class enterprise with the perspective of technology, research and development, quality, service, management and brand influence.

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